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Mostly Technical is a well-known podcast in the tech community, particularly popular among professionals and enthusiasts in Laravel, PHP, databases, startups, bootstrapping, web development, and similar fields. Our sponsors range from training sites and hosting companies to developer tools, B2B applications, and other products and services valued by the tech community.

As of March 2024, we attract approximately 3,000 unique downloads/views per month across various platforms, and our audience is expanding swiftly.

The hosts of Mostly Technical collectively boast 40,000 followers on X (Twitter), with the podcast benefiting from extensive cross-promotion. Show clips frequently garner tens of thousands of extra views on this platform.

Each episode can feature up to three sponsorships, providing:

  • A live read by one of our hosts during the episode, lasting up to two minutes, based on your provided script or an ad-lib following your key points.
  • A link and brief description at the end of each episode's post.
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