Hosted by Ian Landsman and Aaron Francis, Mostly Technical is a lively discussion on Laravel, business, and an eclectic mix of related topics.

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25: Careful, Careful!

Ian & Aaron discuss morning people, PHP/Laravel origin stories, using ChatGPT to write blog posts, Diet Coke vs. Coke Zero, & more.Sponsored by LaraJobs & Screencastin...

24: What's The Good Word?

Ian & Aaron discuss the joy of Diet Coke, Ian's deep dive into DTOs, Inertia vs. Livewire, & more.Sponsored by LaraJobs & questions or feedback ...

23: Real Dad Stuff

Ian & Aaron discuss everything from cryotherapy to the ugliness of most B2B apps to Aaron's first time doing meditation and a lot more.Sponsored by LaraJobs & Screenca...

22: My Mind Vise

Ian & Aaron give out their Super Bowl Predictions, recap the first wave of announcements from Laracon EU, & more.Sponsored by LaraJobs & questio...

21: Your Glove Situation

Ian & Aaron discuss getting sick, something called 'The Suburban Dad Zone', using gloves to change diapers (!?!), and more.Sponsored by LaraJobs &

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