Hosted by Ian Landsman and Aaron Francis, Mostly Technical is a lively discussion on Laravel, business, and an eclectic mix of related topics.

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35: Laravel vs. JavaScript with Dax & Adam Elmore

Ian & Aaron are joined this week by Dax & Adam Elmore to discuss the Laravel vs. JavaScript discourse, selling coffee over the command line, and a lot more.Sponsored b...

34: It's All Vibes

Ian & Aaron discuss Aaron's new SQLite course, identifiers in Laravel, New York City, and last but not least - socks.Sponsored by LaraJobs &

33: The Secret

Ian & Aaron discuss cheese boards, Aaron's lunch adventure, high performance database consulting, and the Drake vs. Kendrick Lamar beef with special guest Dave Hicking...

32: AI Therapy Connoisseur

Ian & Aaron discuss men's fashion, DHH, location sharing follow-up, AI therapy hot takes, Laravel Octane, upcoming course update, is MySQL over?, non-competes and conc...

31: Fight or Win

Ian & Aaron discuss HelpSpot's future, Aaron reveals his next course, the secret to building courses, the "edge", spouse GPS tracking, the Doordash tax. Sponsored by L...

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